Runescape – tips & tricks for beginners

More than 200 million people are playing the Runescape that is quite higher than other games. You will find almost two version of the Runescape 3 and old school version as well. The best thing is that, both versions are providing a lot of interesting games and features as well. if you are game lover then you must play such game.  On the other hands, beginners should take the assistance of professionals. You will have to know that how to start a game. Before starting the game, you must checkout the quests, levels, powers and players as well.

In the first stage, you will have to know that how to unlock the adventurous games. Therefore, you should make the use of mini map. It is one of the most important functions that will give you brief information about the game. You can look out the next biggest adventure in the world map. After that, you should make the use of filter option that is located on the left corner of the map. With this article, we have listed the tips & tricks of the Runescape.

Build strong Character

There are different kinds of players available in the game and everyone has different combat skills and styles as well. You will find hundred of different skill combinations in the game. Runescape is complicated game and you can find open world, it would be difficult to decide what to do in the first task

Particular styles of playing

It is typical game where you will find different styles of playing game. Following are the particular styles of the Runescape.


It is one of the best and common characters where you will have to pay enough attention. Gneral is main character of the game that will focus on everything likes as training, quests and complicated levels.


Are you familiar with such characters?  These kinds of characters have lower combat levels and higher skills levels as well. in most of the cases, you will find combat level of 204,40,60, but usually they are level 3 only.


These type of characters closely focus on the PvP than other things. If you want to complete the wild level then it would be ideal choice for you.

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