How to choose the cow hide rugs for your home

Planning to decorate your home with some innovative things – then the perfect choice would be buying a cow hide rug for your home. Money is very valuable and so it is to be spent on useful and long lasting things. Cow hide rug is one such product that brings a huge difference to our interiors and gives a pleasant look. Rugs are the best option as a furnishing accessory because this rug goes in hands with any kind of furniture. Whether it would be old or modern type, cow hide rugs fit in all styles. This is suitable for both traditional and modern style houses.

These rugs are unique and look so attractive and bring elegance to your home. It gets better in quality when used more and it lasts for many years. There are varieties of designs available that leaves you confused which one to select. Most people think that cow hide rug is apt only for homes that are built in ancient country style. But the look and feel of these rugs makes us to change our ideas on it. There are excellent collections of rugs nowadays. It is also cost effective.


More than buying a product for home, maintaining it with proper care is always a challenge. But these cow hide rugs don’t leave you with such difficulties. Maintenance is very easy. One thing to be taken care is that the rug does not get wet. Cleaning the rugs is not a difficult work. Only a vacuum cleaner is required. This removes the dust on rug. When there are any spills or stains on the rugs, it should be only wiped with a wet cloth. Usage of more water to clean the rug should be avoided. Find below few factors that should be taken care in maintaining the rugs.

  • Avoid using washers and dryers
  • Do not use bleachers or biological powders
  • Rugs are not to be folded since it damages the material
  • Since it is flammable, should be kept away from fire.

Choosing this type of cow hide rugs brings a wild life theme to your home. The shapes, attractive colors, design of these rugs are adorable so that people get attracted and can’t resist themselves from buying it. Appearance and elegant looks of these rugs makes you think why you don’t have it in your home. These rugs fit in any room – living room or bedroom. Since each cow hide is of different design, you can choose from variety of collections that can be placed in different rooms.