Dissecting some of the best online movie services

Are you planning to download app for movie online. Thinking which is the best movie streaming app out there. One can easily get confused when the market is full of so many movie streaming apps. These movie apps are like the flies buzzing here and there and attracting the consumers with so many offers, movie and series that it just becomes hard to pinpoint at one of them. If you look at most of the consumer’s smartphones, you can see not one but three to four different apps which claim to be best movie streaming apps out in the market.

There is no problem in having as many apps as one want, some of them comes with subscription fees and some are free .They have monthly subscription or yearly subscription, so it doesn’t make sense to pay for so many apps and their subscription fees.

Details regarding some online movie apps

Let’s dissect some of the best movie streaming services and understand their ins and outs.

  • Amazon Play – Amazon Play Instant video service is one of the most popular one out in the market. It has a yearly payment of $99 per year in which you get a bucket of other prime benefits in all amazon stores as well.
    • The Content that is available is vast.
    • One gets to watch some great original shows here.
    • It doesn’t support some platforms.
    • To watch latest movies or movies on demand you are charged extra.
  • Netflix – Netflix is the best service available so far. It has one month free trial period and then you can get monthly or yearly subscription. It has vast variety of movies, TV series and much more.
    • Its interface is easy to use and optimized.
    • Great system for recommendation.
    • Its subscription is costlier than many others.
    • New releases are limited.
  • Hulu – It is good for all TV series, it has many off beat movies and anime as well.
    • TV series currently running are available.
    • Cheapest among the three.
    • Quite a lot of Advertisements.
    • Interface is not user friendly.

These are the three apps which are frequently used, though the market is full of many others like putlocker, 123movies as well. So, depending on what you want to binge watch choose any of the apps available and enjoy the movies on the go.